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  1. Do you want to have answers to important concerns obstetricians may have regarding intact cord stabilization? Join our Concord Talk on May 3 (@ 3pm CET), with Dr. Philip DeKoninck. Does delaying cord clamping up to 10 minutes affect maternal blood loss? Is there an increased risk of infection? Does the neonatal team obstruct the working field of obstetrics and possibly compromise care for the mother? All examples of important concerns that obstetric caregivers may have when considering to implement Physiological-Based Cord Clamping. In our next Concord Talk, Dr. Philip DeKoninck, gyn
  2. Concord Talk with Ronny Knol and Bram Dees was very inspiring, including some amazing video's that show the actual workflow. you can replay the recording of this Concord Talk via: https://concordneonatal.com/concord-talk/
  3. Thank you @Mohan. The Concord Birth Trolley and Lifestart both are designed to provide stabilization with an intact cord. Both solutions are somewhat different though. The Concord Birth Trolley has been designed to be able to provide full stabilization / resuscitation with an intact cord until the baby is fully stable. You can find more information here: https://concordneonatal.com/solution/
  4. You can register here: https://concordneonatal.com/concord-talk/ Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  5. Do you want to know how to stabilize newborns with an intact umbilical cord? Join our Concord Talk on April 6, with Ronny Knol, neonatologist at Erasmus Medical Center. As a special guest, Bram Dees, will share his experience as a parent of his daughter Lara, who was supported on the Concord Birth Trolley. The new ERC guidelines 2021 are now acknowledging the importance cord clamping. Compared to the 2015 guidelines, ERC NLS 2021 recommends that cord clamping should ideally take place after the lungs are aerated. Where adequate thermal care and initial resuscitation interventions can be s
  6. University Hospital Dresden is pioneer in the care of extremely immature preterm infants. Innovative birth trolley enables care of preterm newborns close to mom. For the first time in Germany, a multidisciplinary team stabilized a preterm baby with an intact umbilical cord, with the Concord Birth Trolley. University Hospital Dresden is the first hospital in Germany to stabilize preterm babies with an intact umbilical cord on the Concord Birth Trolley. At the Center for feto/neonatal Health at the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden, a preterm baby has been suppo
  7. In our March Concord Talk, Prof. Arjan te Pas will educate us what the key success factors are when incorporating cord clamping into stabilisation of preterm infants and share the experiences of his clinic in practicing physiological-based cord clamping for over 4 years. March 2nd at 15:00u (CET). Register via: https://concordneonatal.com/concord-talk/
  8. Missed the great Concord Talk by Prof. Stuart Hooper. No worries, you can access the recording here: https://concordneonatal.com/concord-talk/ (scroll down).
  9. Join Concord Talk by Professor Stuart Hooper on February 2nd at 10:00am CET. Don't cut the cord until the baby is ready, the science behind umbilical cord management. Professor Stuart Hooper is professor of physiology in fetal and neonatal health. He is the Director of Research at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Monash University and is Center Head of the Ritchie Centre. In this Talk, Prof. Hooper will educate us on the physiology of transition and the science behind the timing of umbilical cord clamping, built on research performed by his institute and completed with
  10. I do not have a birth plan for healthy term babies, but there may be 2 helpful resources online for you to checkout: https://www.bloodtobaby.com/ and https://waitforwhite.com/. I am sure Hannah Tizard or Amanda Burleigh can support you further with your questions.
  11. Dear Mohan, from all studies by the team of Professor Stuart Hooper and Professor Arjan te Pas, we know that aeration of the lungs is the master switch to transistion a baby from placental circulation to autonomous circulation. As long as the placenta is not delivered, there is gas exchange and the newborn receives oxygen-rich blood via the placenta. It is therefore important that the baby aerates its lungs before cutting off placental circulation - to ensure that baby's heart receives sufficient oxygen rich blood from the placenta during transition. When the placenta has been delivered, there
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