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  1. yuriyko


    Dose & administration The dose depends on gestational age (GA) and postnatal age (PNA): ≤ 34 weeks GA and ≤ 7 days PNA: 50 mg/kg/dose, every 12 hours (q12h). ≤ 34 weeks GA and 8 - 28 days PNA: 75 mg/kg/dose, every 12 hours (q12h). ≥ 35 weeks GA and 0-28 days PNA: 50 mg/kg/dose, every 8 hours (q8h). In the case of meningitis or severe septicemia the doses may be increased twofold. Maximal dose: 400 mg/kg/day IV administration is preferable, as an IV push over 3-5 min. Intraosseous injection may be used if venous access is not available, but intramuscular injec
  2. I agree with paracetamol and epinephrine suggested. Additionally, pulmonary hemorrhage may be evaluated in some cases as a high degree of congestive heart insufficiency. Consider fluid restriction, furasemid and probably inotropes. This may help PDA to close as well. To stop bleeding sometimes we have to rise mean airway pressure (of course carefully in such a tiny baby). If the clotting process is disturbed we use plasma because it works immediately. Wish you success.
  3. We consider hypoglycemia below 2.6 mmol/L and the mode of action depends on the condition of the child (seizures,excitation, ability to receive oral feedings etc).
  4. I think this can be sepsis + hemolytic disease. Retic count is rather high suggesting hemolysis
  5. We did ot do any research on the topic but it seems to me that approach probably should be different dependently of the kind of oral feeding. As far as baby receives breast milk "APPROPRIATE" and "proper" flora is supported with breast milk factors. We currently don't use probiotics routinely for prevention of NEC
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