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  1. FFP with single dose 1 mg vit k would suffice
  2. Not necessarily to give frusemide unless indicated , like signs of volume over load
  3. Hai Stephan, crp 8-9 mg/dl, value is persistent, culture no growth Dr ramesh kumar
  4. Baby is hemodynamic ally stable, on higher antibiotics day 10, on breastfeeding , cholestasis recovering, except for high leucocyte count 38,000 and positive crp, initial smear showed neutrophilia, initial leucocyte was too high. ... Could this be leucocyte adhesion defect or partially treated sepsis Dr ramesh kumar
  5. Hai all i need your help, I have a neonate with 38 wks,BW-2.6kg, delivered by LSCS, asymptomatic at birth, developed repiratory distress with abd distension at 22 hours of life, sepsis screen positive, no maternal risk for sepsis,sbr -12 mg/dl, ABO setup, started on phototherapy, higher antibiotics,at 32 hours persistent distress,ABG ph 7.23,pco2 40,po2 60,bicarb-16,sbr total 12, direct 3,echo is normal, DCT negative,retic 15%, elevated renal parameters,, started on ivig, and inotropes, my point is, is it ABO hemolysis, or sepsis plus hemolysis
  6. DAY 4 of life ,late preterm, birth wt 2 kg,(prob monozygotic )twins ,delivered by LSCS ,monochorionic diamniotic twins ,normal transition at birth ,both has clinical features suggestive of downs syndrome,karyotyping sent (takes 3 weeks for the report in our setup),1 st twin is doing fine,( counts are normal for both twins ,except for high retic count ,mother rh negative ,second order of birth ,previous anti d given ),second one developed severe pulmonary hypertension due to high hemotocrit,was on ventilator ,partial exchange done for worsening saturation (twice) ,dramatic improvement in satura
  7. SA score for preterms,DS score for term
  8. Hai, can anyone help me to get freely downloadable TPN calculator
  9. Iv sildanefil is now available, from sun Pharma,inj pulmosil,i haven't used yet,as if now comfortable with oral sildanefil Dr ramesh kumar
  10. MRS for isoleucine peak,TMS for elevated branched chain amino acid, specific formula i too don't have experience, input needed regarding specific formula...
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