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1st 99nicu Meetup, 12-15 June 2017

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Mark your calender 12-15 June 2017 for the 99nicu Meetup, an educational IRL meeting centered around the 99nicu community!

Maybe you attended the 1st Evidence-Based Neonatology conference in Stockholm 2011. Although the EBNEO conference partly originated within 99nicu, that project has now further developed into its own society (http://ebneo.org). 

Now is the time to meet again, to further stimulate engagement and the community feeling of 99nicu - we want to invite you and all other members to the 1st 99nicu Meetup, 12-15 June 2017, in Stockholm, Sweden.

And most importantly, we want to involve you in making the program. We would like to have a mix of really high-profiled key persons, and less well-known younger neonatal staff who are talented speakers.

Please share your ideas about the program on what topics should be included and whom should we invite to speak about those?

The structure of the meeting would be a large-group program between 0830 and 1500, and small-group optional workshops between 1530-1700. In all we plan for 24 lecture sessions á 45 minutes during those four days, and workshops after the regular sessions on day 2 and day 3.

A lot of details are not yet set, including venue and price. We will get back about that when such details are definite.

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On 28.6.2016 at 10:12 PM, Stefan Johansson said:

 @fcardona Any ideas about speakers on those topics?

Predicting outcome - Either you could go for some neuropediatrician, neuroradiologist or ethicist - all choices could be interesting

I always find some topic on inborn errors of metabolism interesting, any new developments in this field?

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Hi Stephan & Francesco,

here are some thoughts & ideas for nurses / nursing subjects for your conference.

Madge Buus-Frank DNP NNP director of quality improvement & education for the Vermont Oxford Network

gretchen Lawhon PhD / developmental care & NIDCAP

Karen D'Apolito PhD  Vanderbilt Univ / neonatal abstinence 

Sue Ludington PhD Case Western Rererve Univ / reducing stress in the NICU neonate

Jeanette Zaichkin NNP / neonatal resuscitation program

Kristine Karlsen PhD NNP / founder of STABLE - the post resuscitation stabilization education program 

Mary Coughlin NNP / trauma informed care in the NICU

And now Occupational Therapists:

Sue Ludwig OT / founder of the Infant Driven Feeding program & president of the National Assoc of Neonatal Therapists

Robin Glass OT/ LC Seattle Children's Hospital / one of the developers of the NIFTY cup a low cost feeding cup for infants w/ special needs

Regards, Gayle

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PHVD tratment, now that ELVIS trial ended recrutiment. As happened with cooling, could it be acceptable that participating units could assume earlier treatment as a better treatment. I suggest to invite someone from the Netherlands with experience in "early tratment" to speak on this.

Transport for hypothermia - passive vs. controlled. Most countries did not implement controlled devices on transport. Should they change their attitude? What is the evidence on this? 

Cooling babies with grade 1 HIE  - despite no evidence on this, many units cool babies with evidence of asphyxia but mild HIE and sometismes even a normal aEEG. Should this practice be implemented as a reccomendation or should there be a reccomendation on the other direction?

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