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  1. I share this article too. Too often we don't mind about neonatal pain. Recent studies about epigenetic have shown that pain damages DNA in fetus and neonate. These alteration are then transmitted through the family. In Italy we have a study group about pain in neonatology. thanks for the article
  2. 1) no 2) no And above all did you make anything for the fracture ? ... A CT scan exposed neonates to a higher risk of cancer during childhood... Be careful Aridema
  3. Hi Jack, we are a third level nicu. We use a formula to calculate the right dose of dopamine, dobutamine and adrenalin. It's useful when you have to calculate micrograms/kg/min 6 x (micr/kg/min) x kg : ml/hour this is the amount of dopamine, dobutamine or adrenalin to add to reach 100 ml of infusion like glucose. example: you have a baby weighing 1200 gr (1.2 Kg) and you want to give 3 micrg/kg/min by pump syringe at a rate of 0,1 ml/hour calculate: 6x 3 x 1,2 : 0.1 ml/hour = 216 mg for 100 ml = 108 mg for 50 ml = 54 mg for 25 ml = 21 mg for 10 ml so if you give at this baby 0,1 ml
  4. Hi dott Angriman, I'm a neonatologist from Mantova (third level UTIN). We usuallly follow the guidelines by the Italian Society of Neonatology (SIN) for hypotermic treatment of HIE. I think you and your collegues know them. As to the MRI we perform the first during the first week of life (4-5 days after hypotermic treatment. The second during the first month of life (25-30 days after birth). I send you the link to the raccomandation. Unfortunately they are in Italian (for other collegues) but they are based on international evidences (TOBY trial, ICE-trial, NeonEURO Network, Vermont Oxford Ne
  5. We weigh our infant usually every day, in the morning, as they have fluid / water balance. We dont'mind about stabilization but our scales are into the incubator, so it's easy to weigh babies without stressing them. Incubators change every week. Every day linens are changed with the infant inside, slowly. To minimize stress, we let parents take care of their baby, teaching them "how to move". As to the bath we have no limits in terms of gestational age or weight, but infants must be stable.
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