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  1. JAMA


    Which of the following best describe stage 3-ROP (plus disease)? A. A flat demarcation line separates the avascular retina anteriorly from the vascularized retina posteriorly with abnormal branching of vessels leading up to the line. B. A ridge extends up out of the plane of retina, and vessels leave the plane of the retina to enter the ridge. Posterior to the ridge there may be small isolated tufts of new vessels. C. Extraretinal fibrovascular proliferative tissue occurs posteriorly to the ridge. D. Extrafoveal retinal detachment is present. E. Extraretinal fibbrovascular proliferative t
  2. Dear Dr. Khalid, We are willing to participate with you and if there is problem in funding, we can try it here in saudi arabia.
  3. JAMA


    Dear colleagues, I think if we start some educational activities like MCQs to our residents and fellow, it will be good achievement and atractive to them to benefit from this great forum. Jasim Anabrees KFMC Riyadh, KSA
  4. Dear Khalid, Are you planing some RCT to solve this Dogma in neer future? I hope! If not, let us start. Jasim Anabrees KFMC Riyadh, KSA
  5. No, still we lack safety and long term outcomes according to last cochrane review (Alfaleh 2008) I hear that there is follow up data at 2 years of age shows some increase of allergy in those feed with probiotics, any one come accross these data? Jasim Anabrees KFMC Riyadh, KSA
  6. Very interesting, can you give us more details on your study.
  7. I think if you strictly follow the aseptic rules, the rate of CRBI will be low which become not a cost effective recommendation. if still in your unit high rate of CRBI this may be justifiable. do you agree? Jasim
  8. My Q to u is what is ur unit rate of cath related infection?
  9. I agree with JACK milrinone is not for PDA treatment.
  10. I think also look in cochrane review: Alfaleh k, Probiotics for prevention of necrotizing enterocolitis in preterm infants (Review) 2008
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