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  1. Good morning, I am pleased to write you. I am a Peruvian neonatologist and I would like to share ideas and comments about Five Inflation Breaths (5-IB) strategy. I belong to a group of pediatrician that is interested in strategies for triggering First Breath at birth (1)... and 5-IB seem very interesting. 5-IB is mostly used in Europe, but not in America (2) (3). I wonder if it is possible to compare such differences through an ecological study analyzing European and American data.... I am writing to ask if someone believe that we can work together in this kind of ec
  2. Dear colleagues and friends, I have an update... One of those ideas got support and now it is visible on youtube: And also in this site: http://www.grandchallenges.ca/grantee-stars/0690-01-10/ Many thanks ... Kind regards, Carlos
  3. Thank you Stefan, I miss to say that the vote is not exclusionary, that is to say, you can vote for one or for two videos ... Regards, Carlos
  4. Dear Friends and Colleagues, I am a Peruvian Neonatologist very pleased to return to 99nicu (where I belong since 2006). I am back online after some years searching a PhD in Epidemiology in Brazil... Now, mixing neonatology with research, I am presenting a couple of ideas to the contest "Grand Challenges" - Canada. Each video is 2 minutes long and I would like to invite you to see and give your vote for them. A neonatal breathing PAD : This video proposes a cushion-pad to offer a postural support of the neonatal head and ease breathing at birth. This device might prevent neck hyper-exte
  5. Dear 99nicu netters: There is a new article for discussion about our subject (40% oxygen): Hellstrom-Westas L, Forsblad K, Sjors G, Saugstad OD, Bjorklund LJ, Marsal K, Kallen K. Earlier Apgar score increase in severely depressed term infants cared for in Swedish level III units with 40% oxygen versus 100% oxygen resuscitation strategies: a population-based register study. Pediatrics. 2006 Dec;118(6):e1798-804. Do you think that a better Apgar means that 40% is a better oxygen choice? Best Regards, Carlos DELGADO Pediatrician Neonatologist Instituto Nacional de Salud de
  6. Dear Alexander: I know that we need something else because I remember that "The physician who knows only medicine, knows not even medicine" (Mark Twain). Friendships, language interchange, culture and news are some wonderful grants waiting for our Lounge. Best Regards, Carlos DELGADO Pediatrician Neonatologist Instituto Nacional de Salud del Niño Lima PERU
  7. Dear swedish netters: I read a very interesting article in Pediatrics: Saugstad OD, Ramji S, Vento M. Oxygen for newborn resuscitation: how much is enough? Pediatrics. 2006 Aug;118(2):789-92. PMID: 16882835 Authors say that "... initiation of 40% has been recommended for the last 10 years (In Sweden)", Them believed it's safe, and also, them think that blenders should be installed in all other countries for use this concentration. I also found that the bag and mask, could offer Oxygen concentration near 40%, without reservoir. (AHA-AAP cpr guidelines). What do you think about this
  8. I'm searching for new equipment and I would like to recognize which technical specifications (apart from pressure/volume) makes the differences -in normal ventilation- between neonatal, infant and pediatric ventilators. I would like to compare CrossVent4 (BioMed), Fabian (Acutronics), Millenium (Sechrist), and any other else. Which one do you believe that could be useful for my neonatal surgical unit?. Thanks you in advance for your help,
  9. Background: Neonatal resuscitation and positive pressure ventilation. Decision node: Oxygen concentration: 21%... 40% ... 100% Question: which one is better, under what circumstances? Carlos DELGADO Pediatrician Neonatologist Instituto Nacional de Salud del Niño Lima PERU
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