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  1. In our unit we are using paracetamol in dose 10-15 mg every 6-8 hours for 3 days HFO can be used or you can increase PEEP TO 6-7 intratracheal adrenalin can be used FFP can be used cover of antibiotics surfactant can be used dr Emad Shatla senior consultant neonataolgy MD/ MRCPCH
  2. It is not uncommon for preterm baby to get greenish aspirate , be sure that OGT not very low position , consider sepsis all the time as one of UR DD , try to start feeding with mother milk. Try metclorpromide it may help.
  3. antiphosholipid syndrome. Was not investigated . But no family history to support this diagnosis , whatever the next FU in clinic, I will take care of it.
  4. As baby was 35 weeks , good condition So no UVC or UAC . Baby stayed only 5 days in NICU
  5. No treatment was given as the skin rash disappeared within 20 mint. Only part of history to be added is the baby was just shifted from incubator care to cot and the temp was 36.3 ? I put diagnosis of vascular Immaturity as the diagnosis ?
  6. Preterm baby 35 week was admitted to NICU for total 5 days All investigations were normal including blood C/S , CRP CBC And serum Electrolytes In day 4 , Baby develop this rash only for 20 minutes then disappear without treatment
  7. lumbar puncture is necessary in gram negative sepsisbut If there are signs of meningitis and sign of increase intra cranial tension , CT Scan is needed
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