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  1. Dear colleagues, do you have experience with surfactant treatment in innate and nosocomial pneumonia? Many thanks for attention.
  2. Baby is stable. Abdomen is not distention. After 5 days of TPN we began nutrition with small volume of breast milk. Stool is regularly. Some photo from mobile. Many thanks for advice
  3. Dear netters Have a question? Baby 31 WG with IUGR (1030g). Clinically good, without respiratory, cardio support. Ultrasound N. Stool regular (2 times per day). In R graph peritoneal air on 2 day of life. Feeding is about 4 ml breast milk with good tolerance. Do you continue small feeding or TPN only?
  4. Hi all! Baby 24 week gestation (820 g) in 21 day after birth without previous infection, anemia, O2 therapy, IV infusion, in good condition, develop osteomielitis of left hip. Blood culture- negative, stool – Staph. epidermidis. In R the slot of left hip joint is more than right on 2 mm. Do you use a local therapy, and what? Do you use immobilization, and how? Many thanks, Alex.
  5. Dear colleagues! I meet a cases with different hemorrhage locations (4 intracranial, 1 in adrenal hematomas in both glands). All stories communicated with low-molecular- weight heparin use in pregnancy. Some later I sow in literature a case about subdural intrauterine hematoma of fetus associated with low-molecular- weight heparin use. Do you have information about complications in newborns after heparin administration in pregnancy? Thanks to you. Alex.
  6. Dear member! Hi! Some later we observed a case with sever feto-maternal transfusion. Baby had mass 2900g, term of gestation. The RBC 0.59, Hb 23 g/l was in delivery room. pH 6.79, BE -20. No pulse of peripheral artery or umbilical artery was. The algorithm of therapy was like youth. O negative ErM 30 ml was done immediately after birth (total volume 95 ml). Totally NS before NICU was about 100 ml. We could correct shock, but miltiorgan disfunction was in progress for a 2 days. The leading syndrome of miltiorgan disfunction was respiratory distress. We do not have NO. A trying surfactant use w
  7. Dear nets, Hi! I had read the articles, witch you had mentioned, some time before the question. The available information is about a babies in good condition. I did not find the information of weight the described babies. I think in our case the baby's weight is smaller than in the literature cases. Corrected age is near term (35 w). The hemangiona increase rapidly (0,5 cm in diameter per month). We worry the tolerance of propronalol therapy. Do you use propronalol in near term group? Many thanks for your answer.
  8. Dear colleagues, I observe a baby from ELBW group with progressive gemangiomas in heir area of heard (4*5*1,7 cm). Now she is 4,5 month old (corrected 42 weeks), with 3200 g of weigh. Hemangiomas is tolerated to prednisolon therapy for a 1 month period. Now we want to use propranonlol. What was a smallest weight for propronalol use in your practice. Likewise we have a baby weighted 2000g (birth weight 780 g)with large progressive plate hemangiomas of forearm (8*7 cm).
  9. Alex

    Plus disease

    Unfortunately the case of treatment was too hard. The cri and laser therapy was unsuccessful. In the left eye retimal detachment developed. Right eye was treated with vitreal surgery. Ophthalmologists das not use Avastin in any stage. Many thanks to all for useful information.
  10. One year ago we treated baby second from twins weighted 420 g. His IVG began in 1.5 month of age, and it was first sign of CMV infection.
  11. Alex

    Ommaya reservoir

    Your neurosurgeries insert OMMAYA in some case of IVH before VPS.
  12. Alex

    Plus disease

    Baby with retinopathy which started in 33 postnatal weeks in plus disease resistant to laser therapy. Was born in 26-27 weeks with 800 g weight (early on set sepsis, NEC I stage of Bells, heart ventricular septal defect (corrected spontaneously). Have a question. Do have experience with AVASTIN (Bevacizumab)? What impressions to you? Many Thanks?
  13. We are going to discharge home baby weighted less 1500 g. 34 weeks boy, second from twins, 10 days age. Free breast- bottle feeding. Weight increase 20-25 g daily. How small discharged baby you have in practice?
  14. Many thanks, Stefan. We do not have surgeon unit, and this case we provide respiratory support 3 weeks before closer diaphragmatic hernia. It not rule but it happened.
  15. In clinic: moderate distress. Rare apnea (1 per 2-3 days) Respirator noise in the right side is weakness (without NCPAP – absent). Respiratory support: NCPAP3-5. FiO2 0.21-0.25. PSV just for CT. Heart – small muscular interventricular defect (2 mm). Double-side 1-2 size hydronephrosis. Deformations of radiocarpal, and ankle. Laboratory tests are normal. pH 7,25-7,35. pCO2 -70-75. Full tube enteral nutrition. Genetic tests are in work.
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