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  1. Hi 99ers, Although as a Unit we have an extubation guideline that needs to be observed prior to extubation I am intrigued to know if a guideline or list of interventions attempted (increase of CPAP pressure, maximum FiO2 requirement, CO2, permissive hypercarbia) before the decision is made to reintubate. Many thanks for your thought and opinions. Please all stay safe. Best wishes Al
  2. Many thanks for the link. Kind regards Al 🤗
  3. Hi Bimalc, I have messaged you. Thanks Alistair
  4. Hello 99Nicu, Recently we have had a number of infants who have required IV Dextrose infusions following episodes of low sugars. Does anyone know of or use a specific guideline when reintroducing, regrading back onto enteral feeds and the monitoring of blood sugars? Many thanks Stay Safe Alistair
  5. Hi bimalc, regarding your BPD, what do you feel your Unit is doing that produces such good outcomes, cos where I work we are outliers and I am trying to identify where our practice could improve? Thanks Alistair
  6. Hi 99ers, May I plant a hypothetical scenario to prompt a discussion around the number of steroid courses (DART/Durand etc) to promote extubation. An ex 23 weeker, now 6 weeks old, extubated onto FDCPAP (FiO2 0.7) following second DART regime, but O2 now climbing and now consistently > 0.9 (3 days post end of previous DART). Gaining weight, Diuretics, Ureaplasma -ve, Azithromycin trialled, compensated gases and evolving PIE. Would you reduce your saturation limits and tolerate the high FiO2 requirement, commence a third course of steroid prior to intubation, intubate and then st
  7. Hi Everyone, Is anyone from the forum able to throw some light on the possible rationale for a CFM trace that when the infant displayed subtle electrical seizure activity on the raw eeg the baseline dropped instead of displaying the classical uptick in the baseline? I have never encountered this phenomenon before. (all the probes were in the correct position and correctly connected to the monitor) Thanks, stay safe Kind regards Al
  8. Hi 99ers, Do any of you have personal recommends of influential books/articles when it comes to effective clinical decision making, as I am finding myself taking on more of a senior role upon the Unit where I work. Thank you everyone. Keep safe, keep your distance. Alistair
  9. Hello everyone, Just undertakiing an audit of unplanned extubations on our NICU. As a matter of interest is anyone aware of the use of a risk assessment tool to ensure avoiding unplanned extubations? Thanks Alistair
  10. Hi 99ers, I am intending to formalise a teaching package for cUSS for both junior medical colleagues as well as our cohort of Nurse Practitioners, so was intrigued as to whether any members already have a teaching in place and how it looks with regard to theoretical/practical teaching and assessment? Many thanks Alistair
  11. Hi 99ers, Conversely may I enquire whether any members have encountered the scenario of a premmie who has successfully reached full enteral feeds but remains hyperglycaemic with blood sugars consistently over 13/14 ? What further investigations may be revealing? Thank you in advance Alistair
  12. Hi 99ers, I am interested in what format you gain parental feedback following a transfer by your transport service - is it paper and postal or electronic etc or something else? Thanks in advance Alistair
  13. Hi 99ers, I am currently working on a Level 3 and we are considering adopting LISA so I would be particularly interested and grateful for opinions and guideline from our European (preBrexit) colleagues who already undertake LISA. Many thanks in advance Al
  14. Hi 99ers, On a similar note would anyone be kind enough to share the format of a training log used for trainees undertaking cUSS training. Thanks in advance Ali
  15. ali

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year to the global Neonatal Community! Very best wishes for 2019 Al
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