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  1. Hello everyone, Just undertakiing an audit of unplanned extubations on our NICU. As a matter of interest is anyone aware of the use of a risk assessment tool to ensure avoiding unplanned extubations? Thanks Alistair
  2. Hi 99ers, I am intending to formalise a teaching package for cUSS for both junior medical colleagues as well as our cohort of Nurse Practitioners, so was intrigued as to whether any members already have a teaching in place and how it looks with regard to theoretical/practical teaching and assessment? Many thanks Alistair
  3. Hi 99ers, Conversely may I enquire whether any members have encountered the scenario of a premmie who has successfully reached full enteral feeds but remains hyperglycaemic with blood sugars consistently over 13/14 ? What further investigations may be revealing? Thank you in advance Alistair
  4. Hi 99ers, I am interested in what format you gain parental feedback following a transfer by your transport service - is it paper and postal or electronic etc or something else? Thanks in advance Alistair
  5. Hi 99ers, I am currently working on a Level 3 and we are considering adopting LISA so I would be particularly interested and grateful for opinions and guideline from our European (preBrexit) colleagues who already undertake LISA. Many thanks in advance Al
  6. Hi 99ers, On a similar note would anyone be kind enough to share the format of a training log used for trainees undertaking cUSS training. Thanks in advance Ali
  7. ali

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year to the global Neonatal Community! Very best wishes for 2019 Al
  8. Excellent reading. Many thanks vvegamontes1 😊
  9. Good morning 99ers, I am in discussion with my nursing colleagues over the seemingly ad hoc approach to getting our extreme premmies out for S2S (particularly early on when ventilated/lines/temp instability etc), and whether a more formalised guideline may help (worked for feeding, hasn’t it?). Grateful for thoughts/opinions. Regards Al
  10. Hi, There is a suggestion of tram lining within the most central bowel loop that would raise my suspicions of a pneumatosis. How is the infant clinically presenting? Many thanks Alistair
  11. Hi 99ers , Given the well recognised potential for drug error on the NICU I would be grateful for some insight into how other Units have approached the processes of education, surveillance and management of medicine errors on their NICU. If you prefer please feel free to email me ( alih.1@icloud.com ) Kind regards Ali
  12. Good morning everyone, On occasion we have taken note of the Pro BNP level in an infant with an hHsPDA who may or may not warrant Ibuprofen. Does anyone use BNP as a guide to the treatment or current state of the PDA as a point of care? Any thoughts on the role of BNP greatly appreciated. Kind regards Al
  13. Hello, I would be grateful for experiences or opinions on the NOX Box delivery system. We currently use the INO Therapeutic delivery system and I am interested as to any differences noted by Units that have switched from INO over to NOX Box. Many thanks Ali
  14. Hi Stefan, Although my unit doesn't use probiotics I have colleagues in other units who do, and paediatric pharmacist. Will get back to you. Best wishes Al
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