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  1. Good morning everyone, On occasion we have taken note of the Pro BNP level in an infant with an hHsPDA who may or may not warrant Ibuprofen. Does anyone use BNP as a guide to the treatment or current state of the PDA as a point of care? Any thoughts on the role of BNP greatly appreciated. Kind regards Al
  2. Hello, I would be grateful for experiences or opinions on the NOX Box delivery system. We currently use the INO Therapeutic delivery system and I am interested as to any differences noted by Units that have switched from INO over to NOX Box. Many thanks Ali
  3. Hi Stefan, Although my unit doesn't use probiotics I have colleagues in other units who do, and paediatric pharmacist. Will get back to you. Best wishes Al
  4. Many thanks for this resource, to reflect appreciation I would urge those downloading this publication to consider a donation to the 99nicu 10 year anniversary appeal. Best wishes to all Ali
  5. From the album ali

    I think the ward round is becoming a little too formal
  6. Many Thanks Alistair
  7. I would be grateful to any of my nursing/medical colleagues as to whether you have a protocol or set of parameters that you observe when getting a ventilated infant out for kangaroo/skin to skin? Many Thanks Alistair
  8. I would be grateful for thoughts from members regarding what appears to be a creep of use of nitric oxide for the extreme pretermers based on little more than earlier anecdotal successes. Regards Alistair
  9. An off shoot from this topic is the question of whether lactate informs the commencement of enteral feeds. Do any other units follow this practice. We don't commence feeds until the lactate falls below 4. Regards Ali
  10. Fantastic Resource, Many thanks Stefan. Alistair
  11. Dear Dirk, Thanks for your response, do you audit your feedback? If possible would you be able to forward me the style of scenarios you present your teams with? Greetings from Plymouth, UK Best wishes Alistair alih.1@btinternet.com
  12. Good evening Everyone, With a growing body of evidence supporting simulation training I would like to know if simulation training takes place on your Neonatal Unit. If so, in what form, on our Unit we have a Sim Baby, and once a month hold a simulation scenario for the medical and nursing team. How are you delivering training, are you measuring outcome etc. Best wishes Alistair