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  1. At the end, although less days in mechanical ventilation, BPD was almost the same (in total numbers a little bit more in the study group). Not the same, but in the Cochrane review about sustained inflation during resuscitation at birth, sustained inflation had no good results and the best trial needed to be stopped because of higher mortality rate (https://www.cochrane.org/CD004953/NEONATAL_prolonged-lung-inflation-resuscitation-babies-birth).
  2. Just a few days ago, Professor de Luca in Paris showed a paper with a scientific evidence of vertical transmission of Sars-Cov-2. An excellent (although sad) news by an excellent professor. Coincidentally, yesterday the National Perinatal Institute, in Mexico made a webinar about this topic. In this slide, what you can see, they are showing in the left, that 17 of 86 placenta tested positive to Covid PCR; that 11 of 22 amniotic fluids tested positive and that 6 of 17 human milk the same. All in mothers positive to Covid-19. Hope this will be of interest for you all.
  3. Thank you for your interesting and your link of a paper which I will read with special interest. Talatahmed I am sorry. It is only un Spanish.
  4. Glad you like it and thank you for your valuable comments. Thank you for your interesting and your link of a paper which I will read with special interest.
  5. This is a Spanish paper done in Mexico. A transversal research based in an electronic poll sent to Neonatologists and Pediatricians who work in NICU's in the country. We asked them if they were familiar to definitions about orthotanasia, euthanasia, limitation for the therapeutic effort and dysthanasia and which were their usual decisions with babies in end-of-life situations, their relations with families of this babies and then in the discussion we wrote about the changing in the way to manage this stage in terms of adequation instead of limitation in the therapeutic effort. RN etapa terminal - que decide el especialista_2019.pdf
  6. Good morning to you, Stefan. I was wondering how to submit an article recently published (unfortunately for most of you in Spanish). But I did not found the way and put it as a link. Is this OK?

    Thanks for your help.

    Eduardo Carsi

    1. Stefan Johansson

      Stefan Johansson

      Absolutely no problem!

      But I suggest you post about it in this ethics forum: https://99nicu.org/forums/forum/7-ethical-and-legal-aspects/

      The link directory is more for web sites, journal home pages etc, and not links to individual papers etc. So, I delete the link you provided in the Link Directory, and ask you to re-post it in the ethical forum above.

      ATB! Stefan

    2. edcarsi


      OK. No problem. Thanks a lot.

  7. until
    It is an online course which lasts 3 months, starting in July, 2019. 28 topics avilable 24/24 and 7/7. 22 mexican professors and 8 international ones.
  8. Would like to know if someone has noticed any problem with the kidneys. Steroids, caffeine are coomon used drugs in preterm. What about nephrocalcinosis? Or high levels of calciuria that may impact to metabolic bone disease?
  9. Neonatal Resuscitation program, the one of the >International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) in 2015, which is followed in Mexico indicates a 3:1 ratio which gives 90 compressions and 30 ventilations. You can find more here: NeoReviews September 2014, VOLUME 15 / ISSUE 9 From the American Academy of Pediatrics Chest Compressions and Ventilation in Delivery Room Resuscitation Anne Lee Solevåg, Po-Yin Cheung, Georg M. Schmölzer ("Continuous CCs and asynchronous ventilation have been shown to have improved outcomes in adults and older children after cardiac arrest, and current evidence suggests that it is as good as a 3:1 C:V ratio in neonatal resuscitation.")
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