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  1. A male baby normal vaginal Delivery cried spontaneously with satisfactory Apgar, 1,5 and 10 minutes. Mother didn't receive any narcotics at delivery.history of rupture membrane 24 hours before delivery. Amniotic fluid is clear. Baby has good color but no cry. what you think?
  2. Hi Our NICU IN GAZA uses ready bottles of amino acids solutions we mix it with other intralipid solitons 20% together with glucose solutions but we don't have minerals and vitamins additives
  3. Dear Roy... thanks for the post seems rational explanation..thanks Dear and good luck thabet
  4. Hi all.. for me i would start intense phototherapy and double volume exchange all at once...that will correct all the abnormalities
  5. Dear colleagues... During my 28 years practice in neonatology ..i have noticed with growing evidence that babies who were asphyxiated perinatally are resistant to hyperbilirubinemia and also to sepsis..an impression that i would like to find any one sharing this experience with me.. thanks..waiting for your response
  6. Dear colleagues... Best wishes... any onre has experience in using Mgso4 in birth asphyxia and it's beneficial effects on late complications of asphyxia thanks
  7. dear colleagues.. best wishes.. as for the use of Bicarbonate.. we try to limit it to minumum especially in delivery room for neonatal resuscitation almost nill...in nicu we try to correct the acidosis by improving oxygenation , perfusion , cardiac actions.. thanks
  8. Dear all..... We have seen three babies with nonketotic hyperglycinemia over a working period of 27 years here in our NICU ,GAZA, Palestine...all were dead ..in about month of age...if any has such cases i will be grateful for feedback..thanks
  9. Dear colleagues..... We havd been confronted with three neonates with Tracheal atresia , all have died in few hours time...if any experience with such cases..would be much appreciated... Thanks
  10. Dear colleagues.... Our neonat medicine started in my town Gaza in the 70's, thanks to my professor DR. salwa Aman who alone started the work that time,,,it is was a sort of primitive stuff, she started to collect donations from here and there to build ,buy incubators and other equipment....things went further but slowly on....many of our staff got the training and experience from neighbouring countriers..so we progressed further...forgot to say that i joined dr salwa inطher syruggle to build a neonatal service in early 80's....finally here we are with well-built NICU: 30 incubators, 18 are intensive care, 15 ventilators not so advanced but ok...a staff of 16 physicians, 34 nurse serving 1000 deliveries a month in our hospital,Shifa Hospital..so what do think of our professional journey?..write t o me much like to hear from you...
  11. Thank you stefan for choosing me the winner of the book and thanks for sending it to my son in stockholm, about the blog i read the manual and when i have time i will start to build my blog..thanks stefan wish i can meet you in real.. Thabet

  12. Best wishes for all... We somtimes use propylactic aminophylline in apnea of prematurity(after exclusion of pathological causes for apnea) any has experience about this topic thanks
  13. Dear all.. Involvements of parents in the care of their baby is of utmost importance for both parents and babies... In our NICU , Gaza, Palestine. We are startimg to recognize that issue and thinking of the most feasible ways of doing this, because in our country wer have some barriers: social, cultural, religious ...so we are thinking of best and possible solutions to implement concept of parenting locally where we are..and i'll be very thankfull if any one can provide me with literature of parenting.. Thanks for all
  14. Dear colleagues.. Best wishes... any one has an explanation for occurence of hypocalcemia in preterm baby receiving phototherapy in NICU.. thanks
  15. Best wishes.... Any new experience with the use of phenobarbitone in treatment of neonatal cholestasis? Thanks
  16. Dear colleagues.. Best Wishes.. any one has an experience in using Metalloporphyrrins in neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia.. Thanks
  17. Dear Colleagues.. Best wishes.. any experience in using IVIG in ABO or RHesus incompatibility of newborn. Thanks
  18. dear colleagues.... any body have an experience using MgSo4 in treating newborns with pulmonary hypertension ? thanks
  19. hi all..... happy to be here; i'm a neonatologist from Gaza;Palestine would like to have comprehensive readings on that issue thanks
  20. A baby two months old , born by normal vaginal delivery , breathed spontaneously at birth and was a full term delivery, parents were not related and it was their first baby, no history of abortions, pregnancy course was uneventfull. Baby was ok since birth , developing and thriving well, but with mottled, mrble like skin all over the body, no change in response to warming but increae with exposure to cold . at one month of age was presenting with moderate fever and was admitted to hospital mainly because of his mottled skin: screening for infections were done , in addition to thromboembolic screen; were all negative, discharged home with oral antibiotics, afer which he is ok but still with the marble skin..all physical examinations were norma including the cardiovascular system.no similar history in parents siblings..mother reported that she gets cold easily!!~.. asort of vasomotor instability???..any one has a comment or explanation?..thanks for all.
  21. we still use the recommended 90-100% oxygen for neonatal resuscitation.
  22. we still follow the recommendation of AAP/NRP 2000 for using 100% oxygen in rescusitation ..that is in our NICU/ Palestine/ shifa Hospital
  23. dear colleagues.. best wishes, i'm here for the first time in your forum, i'm a neonatologist working in Palestine, Shifa Hospital...in our NICU..we still follow the recommendation to use 100% oxygen for rescusitation, but when i teach NRP course, i put a note that air or less oxygen may be used at start , but..still don't change your first practice of using 100% oxygen in rescusitation..thanks
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