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  1. We use Rocuronium infusion. Our experience is limited to neonatal tetanus.
  2. How do you interpret traumatic LP in a neonate with suspected meningitis? If you re-adjust number of WBC then how do you do it? Please post any reference if you have any. Thanks.
  3. http://pocusneo.org/BP/ I have been using this web based neonatal BP calculator for past few weeks.
  4. For babies, less than 1.5 kg, how often nurses in you NICU check for gastric residual? And if there is some gastric residual, then do nurses discard it OR push it back and give additional feeding? How you make decision to advance feeding based on amount of gastric residual, provided patient is otherwise doing well? Are these decisions based on evidence or personal preferences?
  5. For early onset sepsis, we use Ampicillin and Gentamicin. If baby is “very sick” then we add Cefotaxime to broaden the gram negative coverage. Few years back we had been using Ampicillin and Cefotaxime as first line drug but then we saw emergence of ESBL K. pneumonia so we stopped using it. For late onset sepsis we use Oxacillin and Amikacin. If patient is “very sick” then we use meropenem. If chest xray is positive or patient has central line then we add Vancomycin.
  6. We have 7 bed NICU with one isolation room. We do admit patients upto age of 28 days. Patients with bronchiolitis are admitted from emergency room to the isolation. However if isolation room is occupied then these neonates are admitted to NICU. Our supportive treatment includes oxygenation, suction, hypertonic saline nebs and somtimes salbutamol nebs.
  7. I would like to get the opinion of our respected colleagues regarding management of Bronchiolitis in NICU. Do you use hypertonic saline, salbutamol or ipratropium nebulizers? Please share your thoughts. Thanks.
  8. We usually use Ampicillin and Gentamicin. If perforation then add flagyl. If patient detoriates then switch to meropenem.
  9. Dear All, I will appreciate if some one can post protocols for use of NAVA (Servo i). and can describe their experience with it. Thanks. Ghulam Mustafa, MD
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