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  1. Thaks a lot. I agree with you. We discussed about liquid iv vs oral. It is too much 170 ml/kg/d ??? I dont think so.
  2. Hi. What do you think about this case?: RNPT 26 sem. 650 g. Ex SDR with a good evolution. In her 8 day of live 640 gr, diuresis 2.5 cc/kg/h. The Day before she recived 170 ml /kg/d (enteral 40 ml/kg/d y Parenteral 130 ml/kg/d) Electrolytes: normal. CPAPn con PEEP 5 / FiO2 30%. Bad tolerance, with reduccion in entereal feedings, to trofic enteral (20 ml/kg/d) with donor milk. Rx with distension of intestinal track, and edema of wall. Some milk with bili (rest) . Sospected NEC I de Bell. We dicussed about iv liquid: I agree with 170 ml/kg/d ef parenteral nutricion. What do you think? Thank you.
  3. I refer adrenalida aerosolized. 1 / 1000. Just after extubation. In very preterm newborn.
  4. Hi, I,m from Spain (Granada) , Inmaculada Hospital (private). We have it and I Think is a fantastic machine for CPAPn . Really nonnoise. I use in the other hand, in my public Hospital CPAPn from Infant-flow. Is similar but produce more noise.
  5. Pototo


    I have a question about Ibuprofeno in extrem preterm. Does anybody stop enteral nutrition pre o post administrattion of ibuperofen e.v.? Do you have many NEC after ibuprofen administration? Thanks a lot
  6. From abril de 2014 - to febrero de 2021 . 2021¡¡¡¡
  7. Almost 1 year, and still nothing new about DAP HS. Specially in < 28 sem gestacional. I don´t Know who, how and when to treat a DAP. I can´t belive it¡¡
  8. Does anybody Knows about a practical guide (like Keztler publiced in Clinic in perynatology abour Babylog 8000 ) for VN 500 ? Thank you.
  9. I would like to hear about PEEP limits in CPAPn . Does people realy us 8-10 cmH2O en CPAPn for SDR???
  10. Incredible¡¡ I can´t belive it. And the risk of NEC ??? And the price¡¡
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