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  1. Zuzana Tomaskova

    Chest Compression Coordination

    This is from BLS and if there is only one rescuer in peds. Not recommend for advanced resus in neonates.
  2. Zuzana Tomaskova

    Chest Compression Coordination

    Depends whether you use NRP or PALS. NRP coordination 3:1 even in intubated pts PALS once intubated there is no coordination But I prefer NRP for any neonate not PALS - it is proven that it's more effective.
  3. Zuzana Tomaskova

    Antibiotic Preparation..bedside or in hood?

    In Czech Republic we do prepare it bedside or in our hood in the unit. In Saudi we received it fron the pharmacy and connected tubing bedside (for CVL or PICC or UVC as sterile procedure). I do believe if you prepare it correctly bedside (clean environment, equipment, proper technique) theb you are safe but you have to know that your staff adhere to correct procedures which is sometimes very hard... But this is my opinion nothing from EBM.
  4. Great job, we should standardise it accros the board and all over the world 😢 my answers are from my current hospital but I can say that 8n my previous hospital we were following NRP including standardized communication, we did mock codes almost every week. For thermomanagement we used servo control in L&D room during resuscitation tohether with NeoHelp from Vygon and heated resuscitaire. We always checked temp immediately after arrival to NICU. Also we checked room temp of our res room in L&D. Our neonates were on servo mode immediately after arrival to NICU. Good luck with your QI project.
  5. Dear All, I would like to seek your help. I remember I read about differences between Fentanyl and Morphine action during cooling protocol in our NICU patients. Unfortunately, I cannot find the evidence now (may be I am looking wrong) whether Fentanyl or Morphine is better option. Both are metabolised slower during cooling and we have to be careful in administration. My knowledge is that Morphine was drug of choice due to better binding to pain receptors and a bit better action during cooling. I remember some article (from Pediatrics, Neoreview?) and there was mentioned even some protective effect of Morphine. Can you help me with sources or whether it is still true? I know that now Clonidine is being studied as possible neuroprotective drug too but nothing specific about mentioned meds above. Thank you very much Zuzana
  6. Zuzana Tomaskova

    Cap and Mask for PICC Line

    My opinion for insertion definitely yes. It is invasive entry and we work with sterile items. To prevent CLABSI anytime you work with any CVL or PICC in open form (insertion, dressing, set changing) you should be in full PPE because you are opening sterile consumables and instruments. Cap and mask protect area from contamination by hair fall or any droplet cobtamination. Many times I was witness of the doctor's and nurse's groups talking above sterile table during insertion or line changing and I think it is big risk to remove mask for sure. Cap I can may be think about. We always have to think that our little patients are fragile and we have to rise our precautions up compared to other units with older patients.