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  1. 7th International Arab Neonatal Conference, Dubai,


    The 6th Intern Arab Neon Confer was excellent event. Thanks for all, especially Dr Khaled .. interesting topics and workshops in beautiful milieu.
  2. Five Inflation Breaths

    ...very interesting clinical trial on sustained inflation by professor Plavka from NICU in Prague Medical Faculty of Charles University (extremly premature infants )
  3. Also exccelent topic as your Common Hemodynamic Problems in the Neonate (Neonatology 2013
  4. Prophylactic eye drops

    Chlamydia trachomatis serotype D-K also the etiological agent, all over the world, of Ophtalmia neonatorum - after birth application of 2,5 % solution of Povidone iodide to the eyes - is successful preventive method of this problem.
  5. Follow up of icteric neonates .

    These neonates are full-term or premature? Do you know some informations from familly history: e.g. m.Gilbert ...and they have breast milk (competitive inhibition) or formula?
  6. We exam the baby every day (health newborn baby discharge on 4th day after delivery).
  7. Laco The guideline of Slovak Neonatal Society has recommended that pulse oximetry screening prior to discharge become a part of the routine newborn screening.