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  1. Hello everyone, about 95% of our post ECMO CDH repaired babies end up on sildenafil Some of the cardiologists advocate leaving sildenafil on until outpatient follow up and up to 2 years of age regardless of ECHO findings but some stop as soon as the 1 month post repair ECHO shows no pulmonary HTN What is your institutional experience? Thank you, LIA IORDANOGLOU
  2. Wonder why;), have you used the jet? It was just an opinion It merely meant I trained and feel very comfortable with HFOV I now work in a unit that idolizes the jet as the best ventilator for really any baby less than 25 weeks I don’t mind the new knowledge except there are at least two schools of thought on rate, peep, pip and Sigh breath manipulation which makes it easier for learners to get confused on the right choice I have seen really bad PIE, (Never seen it that bad with HFOV), atelectasis and BPD with the above vent-which could be due to decreased understanding o
  3. Thank you I realized that my post was not clear the question should read”do any of you intubate the CDH babies with micro cuffed ETT from the delivery and do you see any adverse outcomes when you have used them for a longer period” that would imply following the minimal leak guidelines thank you all so much
  4. Hello everyone, we have started seeing a push from anesthesia towards using microcuffed ETT at delivery Our CVICU service uses these ETT for their patients and don't have any adverse outcomes but they are only intubated for a short time Do any of you have experience on this matter? The literature I find is from anesthesia papers and seems to be favorable but refers to the perioperative period: http://www3.pedsanesthesia.org/newsletters/2018summer/procon-pro.html Thank you Getting with the Times.docx
  5. I just started using the jet and I am not impressed by the amount of parameters used and modified I previously managed those patients the same way you did, great job
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