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  1. Are you sure it is CDH OR diaphragmatic eventration. Differentiation is not easy ???
  2. Start Calcium in the first day but only in central line. Calcium should not be given through peripheral line..
  3. no , but maintain the calories ratio ..25 non protein calories to every gram protein ..
  4. We start by reducing the dextrose infusion rate, if the condition did not resolve by 2-3 days, we resume the normal dextrose infusion rate and start insulin infusion 0.05u/kg/h and monitor blood glucose hourly, then titrate the insulin infusion accordingly. Example; if blood sugar less than 6, reduce infusion by 0.01u/kg/h. Hope this is helpful
  5. In veiw of new GBS guidlines, I have a question; what to do with a term baby with history of prolonged ruptur of membrane for 4 days and maternal GBS status was negative, no chorioamnionitis, and baby is asymptomatic. what to do if mother received anitibiotics and if she did not receive antibiotics. Thanks
  6. Where and when will you deliver the lecture in dubai. Hope to see you.
  7. 1- we are doing the same, limited evaluation + observation for 48 hours 2- I think we should restrict our antibiotics use to the minimum as we are seeing a lot of resistant organisms nowadays Thanks
  8. You should set TV to the least which maintains accepted blood gases. If this requires high PIP, try to increase IT or flow rate which increase the delivered TV
  9. This is a difficult question everywhere. To resuscitate or no. I think there is no clear answer for this question. The best is to have your own guidelines according to your facilities and experience and these guidelines should be discussed thoroughly and agreed from all staff and hospital committees.
  10. Recent studies showed no benefit and this is my observation too. My advice is not to use diuretics unless in special situations like heart failure. Thanks Dr. Yaser Elsaba SSR Dubai hospital
  11. Hi I want your experience in adjusting inspiratory time in SIPPV mode Thanks
  12. dear Colleages Can we insert a picc line in an already insrerted cannula like 1 or 2 days before. is that possible , anyone doing this.
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