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  1. thanks Jack very good questions
  2. hello all ,actually around 2 months back we had a preterm baby who was part of a twin was admitted to our NICU with RD and he need ventilator, and after 5-6 days he was very sick with some signs of sepsis ,septic workup was done and A/B was started ,next day we felt a mass just adjacent to lower border of liver ,US was done and it was distended gallbladder ,during this period baby was seriosly ill but gradualy start to improve and gall bladder start to decrease in size till it shrinked ,his blood culture was + for klebsiella ,we have completed the course of A/B ,when we review the literature w
  3. i prefer neonatal-perinatal medecine --Fanaroff
  4. we had a similar case 10 years ago and we thought of cantrell pentalogy ,our baby had in addition to skin lesion he had bifed sternum with herniation of lung ,and he was operated for this defect,but he developed a picture similar to asphyxiating thorax and start to have difficulty in breathing we send him back to surgeon then we lost contact with him
  5. we have used ciprofloxacin for one patient with pyogenic meningitis(serratia)and it showed marked improvement in CSF examination
  6. in our unit we start with ampicillin+ gentamycin,if we suspect any infection .we do septicwork up and shift to third generation cephalosporin.
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