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  1. Dr. Saad Ahmed Seth

    High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation

    Your are setting high tidal volumes on HFOV. Usual TV on HFOV is between 1.5 -2.5 ml/kg. As a recommendation for very small babies you start with frequency of 12-15. In VG mode changing the Hz is not going to make any meaningful difference as your tidal volume is already guaranteed. there are studies about safety and Benefits of HFOV in preterm population. https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/bye/rQoPWwoRrXS9-i-wudNgpQDxudhWudNzlXNiZip9Ei7ym67VZR0R-g0VOg08A6h9Ei4L3BUgWwNG0it.
  2. Dr. Saad Ahmed Seth

    Perinatal neonatal fellowship

    Hi Asma, I have recently gone through the process. Go to site http://www.carms.ca/program_PSM_2014/program_en.jsp?path=default_en.jsp&p=1g it has list of universities offering NPM programs, with their requirements, contact and email of program directors and program secretaries. Regards Dr. Saad Ahmed Seth
  3. Dr. Saad Ahmed Seth

    99nicu Poll: use of inotropes in preterm infants

    premature infant have myocardial dysfunction in first 24 hours, using dobutamine after NS 10 ml/kg is better choice. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2672709/ After 24 hours dopamine is better. Inotropes should be used when really needed clinically. Treating just numbers is not recommended.
  4. Dr. Saad Ahmed Seth

    weaning from cpap

  5. Dr. Saad Ahmed Seth

    Ciproxin in neonates

    We also use Ciproflox in our unit. Results are promising without any major side effects.
  6. Dr. Saad Ahmed Seth

    Base deficit and the use of bicarbonate/buffer.

    Dear All, I am new to this forum. In our unit it was frequently used on almost every baby 3-4 years back. But recently the trend has changed and it is rarely used. I prefer using it in sick VLBW babies, with PH below 7.2, and BD of more than -10. Regards