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  1. Hypothermia in preterm babies

    We usually stop using the bag once the baby's temperature is stabilised in the first 24 hours. But, we place them in a incubator with skin temperature monitoring and use humidity as per the baby's gestation.
  2. I would look at other risk factors for neonatal sepsis, like PROM more than 18 hours, maternal fever more than 38C, prematurity, suspected chorioamnionitis and the baby's condition at birth. If there are other risk factors or any clinical concerns, I wold do blood cultures and start antibiotics, otherwise wait and watch.
  3. We have a 32 week gestation 1.6kg baby referred from another hospital at 60 hours of age. No antenatal steroids given. CXR on day 1 and 2 show established RDS. On arrival, baby on SIMV 24/5 rate 50/minute Ti 0.35 FiO2 60%. Would you suggest surfactant administration at this age? Cost of surfactant is a big issue and I would give only if it is likely to be beneficial. Please opine.