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  1. Oh Copenhagen my beloved city, a lot of memories in Rigshospitalet Best wishes for the next conference
  2. In this book, you'll learn multiple new aspects of respiratory management of the newborn. For example, ventilator management of infants with unusually severe bronchopulmonary dysplasia and infants with omphalocele is discussed, as well as positioning of endotracheal tube in extremely low birth weight infants, noninvasive respiratory support, utilization of a protocol-driven respiratory management, and more. This book includes a chapter on noninvasive respiratory function monitoring during chest compression, analyzing the efficacy and quality of chest compression and exhaled carbon dioxide. It also provides an overview on new trends in the management of fetal and transitioning lungs in infants delivered prematurely. Lastly, the book includes a chapter on neonatal encephalopathy treated with hypothermia along with mechanical ventilation. The interaction of cooling with respiration and the strategies to optimize oxygenation and ventilation in asphyxiated newborns are discussed. The book is open access free to download I hope it will be of benefit to all neonatal intensivists
  3. HHHFNC is not safe for ELBW infants?


    A recent large study including retrospective data analysis from the Alere Neonatal Database (USA) for infants born between January 2008 and July 2013, weighing ≤1000 g at birth, and received HFNC or CPAP was published. The study showed that HHHFNC in extremely low birth weight infants is associated with a higher risk of death or BPD, increased respiratory morbidities, delayed oral feeding, and prolonged hospitalization. The authors called for a large clinical trial to evaluate long-term safety and efficacy of HFNC in preterm infants

    Taha DK, Kornhauser M, Greenspan JS, Dysart KC, Aghai ZH. High Flow Nasal Cannula Use Is Associated with Increased Morbidity and Length of Hospitalization in Extremely Low Birth Weight Infants. J Pediatr. 2016 Mar 19. pii:
    S0022-3476(16)00273-0. doi: 10.1016/j.jpeds.2016.02.051

  4. We have published this review article recently 676192.pdf
  5. The final program of the 2nd Evidence-based Neonatology Conference 13-16 March 2013, Istanbul-Turkey is now avaialble. http://www.ebneo2013.com/program.html See you there 7- Program.doc
  6. Dear Sameh You can enjoy a reduced registartion fee of 450 USD to attend the conference. Of course you have to make your own travel and accomodation plans. regards Hesham Abdel-Hady

  7. Unfortunately, I could not make it this year. Let me remind our colleagues that we will have the 2nd EBNEO conference in Cairo Next March
  8. Also abstract submission is open now. Selected research works will be presented as posters as well as short oral communications. Hoping to see you all in Cairo next March.
  9. For further information please contact the Project Manager Susan Smith – sls1@soton.ac.uk
  10. Dear colleagues A great chance to enhance your professional development as a neonatologist and get a potential to get a postgraduate certificate , a diploma, or a Master degree in Neonatology through online training. The is recognised by ESPR ESN and Univeristy of south Hampton UK . The course will start soon next October
  11. hehady

    Xenon & HIE

    Promising but very expensive (not for developing countries), may be Hypothermia + Erythopoietin is more affordable (our center will report results of a recent trial soon).
  12. Dear Friends Please see this link to a recent review article just published. I hope it will be interesting. http://www.dovepress.com/respiratory-management-of-the-preterm-newborn-in-the-delivery-room-peer-reviewed-article-RRN
  13. Erythema toxicum is the most probable diagnosis. However this rash is usually not apparent at birth and starts 48 hr after birth
  14. Hi Jack In Mansoura we use Olympic Cool CAP system
  15. According to our recent study published in Early Human Development this year. We do not recommend weaning from nCPAP until the baby is stable on room air. We no longer wean to Nasal Cannula as this increases O2 exposure and prolongs the duration of weaning. Also we avoid cycling the babies on CPAP a method of weaning.
  16. 4th International Neonatology Conference Neonatal Care Unit Mansoura University Children’s Hospital “Perinatal Care: Where we stand?” 13-15 April 2011 Radisson Blue Hotel Alexandria - Egypt Main Topics • Fetal assessment • Fetal conditioning • Optimizing the Respiratory Transition from Fetus to Neonate • IUGR • Management of Preterm Labor • Management of PROM • Neonatal Apnea • Strategies to Prevent Lung injury in the Preterm Infant • Management of newborn Jaundice • Feeding in the NICU • Ventilatory challenges in Congenital Diaphragmatic hernia. • Nitric Oxide for hypoxic respiratory Failure, how to use it in Egypt. International Speakers: Richard J. Martin, M.D. Director, Division of Neonatology Drusinsky-Fanaroff Chair in Neonatology Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio, USA Hany Aly, M.D. Prof. of Pediatrics, Obstetrics; Director, Division of Newborn Services, The George Washington University, Washington DC, USA Hani Akoury, M.D. Assistant Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Toronto, Canada. Alaa Eldemerdash, M.D. Head Section and Consultant Neonatology, Al Wasl Hospital, Dubai, UAE Debra Monique Gilbert Head Nurse, Sunny Brook Health Center University of Toronto, Canada http://www.nicu2011.com/
  17. Early this year we had twin with neonatal Myasthenia , both received mechanical ventilation for 8-1o weeks and they were weaned successfully from Pyridostigmine by the age of 14 week with good outcome. Unfortunately mum died with mystheic crisis.
  18. I do not recommend so if the cannula was left for sometime. On the other hand, insertion of PICC can be done through a peripheral cannula
  19. Dear Dr Osama It will be our pleasure here in Mansoura to share in this confernce. Best wishes
  20. We do not use venting NG routinely. Only in babies with CPAP belly syndrome we use a venting NG tube left open into a disposable urine bag. We give feeds every 3 hours. We try to keep the babies in prone position most of the time.
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