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  1. hi welcome hope to keep in touch

  2. hi hope to keep in touch

  3. hi hope to keep in touch

  4. hi hope to keep in touch

  5. hi hope to keep in touch

  6. hi welcome keep in touch , let me know abt your self.

  7. hi sameh sorry as i work in a differrent city far from where this happaned i dont know the details of that specific hospt or nicu,but where i work in the public hospital there is senior and a junior doctor with 2 nurses 5 days a week in the mornings and only one nurse in the evenings and nights for 10 nicu patients along with the out door patients/ emergencies/ referrals from labor room. nurse babby ratio has diurinal and day to day variation ranging from one nurse for 10, to one nurse to 5 patients. baby stealing and baby changing incidnts happen all over the country.have not noticed any r
  8. a rat in the holy family hospital in rawalpindi the twin city of pakistan capital climbed up the cot in the nicu and nibbled the face of the baby esp around the face and nose which looks badly wounded.these rats are found all over the country hospitals where they live in the open drainage systems and may undoubtedly feed on human surgical wastes which is not systematicly disposed in most hospitals.they grow to very large sizes and large numbers.govt took action against doctors and midwife.
  9. one of the first things i come on line is to check on 99nicu .today while checking out 24 weeker i saw the small post of congrats by me on >5000 to you,it made me feel very happy and also gave the realisation of what a grate work you are doing and that usu we take it just as an other website while on 99nicu.congrats and thanks is too small.by the way whats the count now
  10. hi this is very important topic .we have just 2to4 ventilators in our city in two different private hospitals .as most pediatricans work in public hospt and there arent any vents we dont attempt intubation because post intubation bagging cant be continued manualy for long,therefore intubation has now almost become out of practice. ido understand that spontaneous breathing can occur followed by extubation.my queston is that under these circumstances what is the role of nebulised surfactant and how is it used exactly in prematures followed by some fom of manual cpap.thanks
  11. thank u for the advice, we dont have any comercially available different types of nasal prongs, we just go along with prongs which fit best to prevent nasal leak,we use simple under water in a bottle or drip with a circuit made of oxygen tubing .any other idea about a device will be helpfull and most important nursing aspects are prevention of leaks, o/g tube left open, n/s nasal drops ,spo2 and resp rate monitoring along with gen nursing care. plz do inform of other sugesstions
  12. hi welcome hope to stay in touch

  13. we use boluses, very few pts once recieving bicarb ever have a chance ,most dont improve esp critical patients, though we had to use it in a few with renal failure when the results were bettter clinically,
  14. hi we are buying a fennon bubble cpap its going to be the first one in our city. currently we use manual cpap that too after a long disscusion on 99nicu where others were also using the manual cpap. our experience with manual has been good . we just know things theoretically about mechanical cpap ,we use respiratory rate ,resp distress(recessions ,nasal flaring ) spo2 as parameters we dont have abg, fio etc .our efforts are towards making a start.plz do share anything that may help .thanks
  15. hi anita welcome aboard

  16. welome c u around

  17. glass is not ideal because the lipids in the milk stick to walls of the container plastic is most commmonly used
  18. hi welcome keep in touch

  19. hi welcome, hope to see u around

  20. hi this is dr mir just welcoming you,

  21. wellcome keep in touch.

  22. hi drmkms welcome.let me know more abt u

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