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  1. Of course, the only possible decision. It's a pity but it's necessary. Let's meet in 2021
  2. Satyen75: we've also recently encountered high 1-25 colecalciferol (D-Vitamin) levels i a former 26 weeker now being discharged with home oxygen therapy. No signs of permaturity rickets at present, but he needed extra phosphate 1 month ago. Could they be explained by a peripheral resistance to D3 Vitamin?
  3. We've been using remyfentanil previous to LISA, but we've experienced some undesirable side effects (apnea) needing naloxone to revert. Previously we used small doses of propofol, but it has been abandoned due to the concerns about its neurotoxicity...This was the last topic of discussion in the last session of Catalan Neonatal Studies Group...a lot of variability in practice, fears, lack of evidence and safety data... What about bolus of dexmedetomidine? Seems safe but still few studies..
  4. Besides from death, neonatal morbidities in VLBW (benchmarking with the Spanish network SEN1500), we also use Temperature on admission and nutricional z scores (weight, lenght and cephalic circumference) at discharge. And use of breast milk at discharge.
  5. As 100 FiO2 is no longer recommended to start bag and mask ventilation in neonates, it seems not reasonable to use corrugated tubes attached to the ambu to increase FiO2. I make myself the same question that you. A well known colleague currently working in Melbourne conducted an interesting study about this topic. You can read the paper : Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonat ed 2010;95(5): 315-19. I can send the full text to you if you have not free access to it. Roser Porta. Barcelona. Spain
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